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Chittagong National Engineering College

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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at CNEC Chittagong. We started our journey in the year of 2017. Our department offers a science-based engineering curriculum. The primary focus of our curriculum is to impart technical know-how to students, promote their problem-solving skills and innovation of new technologies. The course contents are periodically updated for introducing new scientific and technological developments. Undergraduate students are encouraged to undertake various research projects. Our department faculty members have excellent academic credentials and are highly regarded. This website provides an overview of the academic programs, profiles of faculty members, and details of student activities. We hope that whether you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, or work in industry, or another university, or a visitor, you will find this website to be informative. If you have further questions after browsing this website, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may also correspond with individual faculty members, or contact them by email, using the addresses shown on the faculty pages. Our department looks forward to contributing to solving the technological challenges of society with active participation from all sections of society. Thank you for visiting us.


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